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Ahhh the 70s.

Funtown Splashtown USA will be celebrating its 57th year in 2023! It all started in 1966 and at some point in 1975 (ish), this video was made. That little boy in the yellow shirt and fantastic plaid pants is none other than the man of Steele himself, Rob Steele of Q97.9 fame.


Look at this sweet little video that was recently discovered by Funtown employees as they cleaned out the old arcade.

Funtown Splashtown USA Facebook
Funtown Splashtown USA Facebook


I1975 is the guestimate of when this video was made. Rob's dad, mom, and sis are also in it! You'll see Rob throughout the quick video.

Funtown USA wrote on their Facebook post about the new ride coming this and said it was...

...time to reminisce and remember where we once started from! We hope you all enjoy this short clip of how our park once looked, can you spot anything that currently still stands in our park today??

I adore this video for so many damn reasons. First, because I absolutely adore Rob Steele who is an amazing human and an even better radio personality. I've had the pleasure of working with Rob in some radio capacity for almost 30 years. Secondly, Rob's dad is wearing the CLASSIC white belt 70s look. It so reminds me of my dad. Rob himself has plaid pants on. If you were a kid (or adult) in the 70s, you had a pair of plaid pants.

Rob went on to work at Funtown for eight years. I wonder how many people reading this also worked at Funtown. In 2021, they had 300,000 visitors making it the 4th most popular tourist attraction in Maine! Here's to many more years and memories for this family-owned Maine staple!

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