Six fire departments in New Hampshire have been awarded federal funding for enhancing safety and Dover is one of the Seacoast communities where money will be spent.

Fire Chief Paul Haas said on Friday that they will use the $82,378 they receive on an autoloader system for ambulances. The money needs to be approved by the city council during their meeting on Aug. 25 before they can make the purchase.

"It's not like a real sexy thing to buy as far as firefighting equipment goes," Haas said.

But it will prevent firefighters from repetitive use injuries.

Haas said his crew loads and unloads ambulances more than people might think.

"That's just part of the job. It's not always running into burning buildings or being at car crashes on the highway," Haas said.

Haas said the fire department in Dover responds to about 3,700 emergency calls a year and more than half of those are transports to the hospital.

Haas said it is not easy to obtain the federal money.

"It's actually quite competitive. We were surprised to get it," Haas said.

Each department that was awarded money can use it for training, equipment acquisition, personal protective equipment, wellness and fitness activities as well as modifications of fire/EMS stations.

The New Hampshire Congressional delegation announced that Nashua, Dover, North Hampton, Gilmanton, Bristol and Northwood would be receiving funds in a press release on Friday.

North Hampton will receive $49,632. Northwood will receive $31,333.

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