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I can confidently say I have never enjoyed a beer for just ten cents. When I was in college we used to go to a bar on Wednesdays that offered dollar beers and we thought THAT was the sweetest deal in town. But that was BEFORE I learned about Ralph Rosa Day.

The Rosa Restaurant opened on 70 State Street in December of 1927, making it the oldest running restaurant in the Portsmouth community.

Portsmouth was a dry town back in those days and it wasn't until 1933, when prohibition was repealed, that Ralph Rosa was allowed to serve a nice cold one to the hard working folks of the Seacoast.

According to the Rosa Restaurant's website, not only was Ralph one of the founding fathers of the Seacoast restaurant community and he also had the honor of pouring the first beer in the state. At that time a beer only cost 10 cents.

So on March 23rd, aka Ralph Rosa day, Ralph's grandson Damian will pour the first 10 cent beer!

They will feature Budweiser “dimies” as well as serving their very own Ralph Rosa Red Ale which will premiere on Ralph Rosa Day.

Both draft beers will be 10 cents for your first beer of the day. As you can imagine, The Rosa will be pretty busy on Ralph Rosa Day so make sure you reserve your table here.

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