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Patriots Ticket Increase

To the Patriots' credit and in their defense, according to NESN reporter Zack Cox on Twitter, the incoming increase for the 2023 season for the New England Patriots is apparently their first stadium-wide increase in 15 years.

But in common sense's defense, according to a NESN article by Zack, their first stadium-wide increase in 15 years is also coming off two of three years of missing the playoffs and their last postseason game win being over four years ago.

Bold move for the Patriots' suits to increase prices stadium-wide now.

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Back in December, NESN reported that tickets to a Christmas Eve home game against the Cincinnati Bengals -- one of the best teams in the NFL who narrowly missed making the Super Bowl -- were going for as low as $20.

Sure, it was pretty cold that day (according to Accuweather, the high was a chilly 17 degrees) but $20 tickets to a freakin' Patriots game? You can barely buy anything for $20 now, let alone Pats tickets.

Which just goes to show how interest in the Pats, especially this past season, has dropped off a bit. So to increase every ticket in the house for next season? Just super interesting timing.

Patriots Ticket Price Increase Reactions

You'd think that fans would be losing it on social media after finding out that ticket prices stadium-wide are increasing following a losing 8-9 season and a real lack of postseason success (or appearances) since the Pats beat the Rams in the Super Bowl in 2019. Especially with the rep New England fans have for being, well, insane.

But, actually, the reaction has been mostly peaceful, at least in the comments section of a Tweet posted by ESPNPlus broadcaster and commentator, Shukri Wrights.

Some of the responses?

"To be fair, they didn't raise prices for the prior 15 years. That's 3 super bowl winning seasons." - Mully


"It’s inflation. Has nothing to do w/ the team." - Sammy James


"Surprised this is their first increase in 15 years….The Jets and Giants bump ticket prices every year pretty much." - Eddie


"There's 28 of 32 teams raising prices this year. I don't agree with it, but it's like anything else in this country." - BOSTyN MoNSTAH

For what it's worth, even though ticket prices are increasing stadium-wide, prices for parking are being lowered, including some options for free parking and others to receive a $50 Visa Gift Card depending on the lot you park in.

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