An area in the back of Sanborn Regional High School in Kingston along the Pow Wow River has been closed to hunting by New Hampshire Fish and Game because of a bullet that travels farther than others.

The agency invoked emergency closure powers to shut down the area, beginning where the bridge crosses the Pow Wow River and marsh area on Ball Road, and continuing to where the Pow Wow River drains into Great Pond. This closure does not include the water body of Great Pond.

The closure comes as New Hampshire's waterfowl season gets underway. It started Monday and ends November 30.

“Out of an abundance of caution and since this section of habitat, which is popular among waterfowl hunters, is directly behind Sanborn Regional High School and adjacent to a residential area, we decided to take action and close it to all hunting until further notice,” said Colonel Kevin Jordan, Chief of the Law Enforcement Division at Fish and Game.

Jordan said that ammunition used this season was found by law enforcement to travel farther than the usual ammunition, which could pose a problem in such a residential area.

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