Firefighters braved temperatures in the single digits Friday morning to quickly put out a fire in the back of a Plaistow home.

The Plaistow Fire Department said the fire was their fourth fire of the week, including the nine alarm fire at Michael's Oceanfront Motel in Salisbury early Monday morning.

A 911 call came in around 8 a.m., reporting a fire at the two-story house on Westville Road. Within four minutes, Fire Chief Chris Knutsen and the first fire truck had arrived and began their attack on the fire, according to the Plaistow Fired Department.

Within seven minutes the fire was under control, and the primary search of the house was completed with no people found.

Amy Mondseir identified herself as the owner of the house in a post about the fire on the Rockingham Alert Facebook page.

"My husband and I cannot express our gratitude and appreciation to all who responded so quickly to our home. We are safe and know that what damage was done is materialistic. What truly matters is that everyone is safe," Mondseir said.

She added that their puppy was safe with a neighbor.

Burned out rear of a house in Plaistow after a fire 1/21/22
Burned out rear of a house in Plaistow after a fire 1/21/22 (Plaistow Fire Dept.)

The Benefits of a Full Time Fire Department

Knutsen said that the quick response to all the fires show the benefits of having a full-time department.

"Having firefighters trained, equipped, and at the station makes a difference. This house would have been a total loss if we would have been delayed while waiting for members to respond to the station," Knutsen wrote. "Thank you to the taxpayers for supporting our mission in public safety. You allow us to make a difference."

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