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Get your shopping carts ready.  A new Costco is in the planning stages for Nashua that would replace the current store according to unionleader.com.  The new store is proposed to be a whopping 156,964 square feet with around 800 parking spots. The proposed Costco would have a gas station attached along with a storage facility. I'm actually a member, I would recommend getting gas there because it's cheaper. I'm not sure if you know this or not but did you know that Costco sells cars? I once bought a car thru them. I also got car insurance from them which was at that time cheaper.


Where is it going?


The new store is hoping to take over the space that was the former Hampshire Chemical site.  The 41-acre space is at 2 East Spit Brook Road.  It would nice to bring some development to that spot since it has been vacated for almost 20 years.  It would also bring some jobs to the area.


When is it coming?


The store is still in the planning stages.  Nashua’s Planning Board just saw the site plan and is planning a trip to the site with the developer on May 4 according to unionleader.com.  There is even talk of using part of the site as a municipal rail station, space for retail, restaurants, and even possibly a fitness center.  What won’t be coming is any residential housing.  The way the deed was written, the future developers would be forbidden from putting up any residential housing on the property.  Traffic planners are on board.  This will require some pretty fancy road building to make sure all that traffic is funneled properly.  All in all, it looks like the plan would bring a ton of jobs to Nashua which is also a good thing.




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