The Giant Voice will be heard coming from the Portmouth Naval Shipyard on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It's not a new Marvel movie but rather the name of the recently updated public address loud speaker system that will be tested on Tuesday and Wednesday between 8 a.m and 5:30 p.m. each day.

There are three parts to the testing: all-call testing, individual testing, and intelligibility

    • All-call testing is the message at the beginning and end of the test period announcing to disregard or listen for additional information.
    • Individual testing consists of multiple transmissions at each speaker location lasting for approximately 30 seconds. It consists of tones and “test” messages.
    • Intelligibility testing will occur only at the newly installed speaker locations and use a white noise generator to transmit two tones for approximately one minute

No action is required by the public during the tests.

The test comes nearly three weeks after a false announcement ordering the evacuation of beaches was aired on 9 of 121 Seabrook Station sirens within the 10 mile zone around the nuclear plant.

NextEra Energy Seabrook Station told Gov. Chris Sununu in a letter that it is "conducting a thorough investigation and we will take actions to ensure this situation does not happen again." The company has not yet provided an explanation.

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