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If this becomes a regular thing, I vote we riot. I received this call a couple of nights ago from an unknown number.

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Notice the time highlighted in yellow? 2:03a. Woke me up right out of a dead sleep. And the voicemail? Transcribed as this:

"Hi there. I'm calling you from AT&T DIRECTV to let you know that your existing account is qualified for 50% off. In order to apply the discount, call us back at 877-790-2369 from 8a to 5p Pacific Standard time. Thank you and have a great day."

First off, not something I care about at 2a. Secondly, I don't even have an AT&T DIRECTV account.

Do Not Call List

Spam calls are nothing new. In fact, they've been happening for decades. Remember the Do Not Call list from back in the day? It seemed like a great idea but at the end of the day didn't hold up for long at all. Maybe it was more based for landlines, although cell phones were also available to enter -- but again, with the world turning much more digital these days, plus scammers and spammers operating illegally, the list is just ineffective.

We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty

One of the more popular spam calls within the last couple of years that has become more of a joke with memes than anything else is the call where a female voice mentions she's reaching out in regards to your car's extended warranty.

It's become so popular and such a joke, in fact, that Chef Gordon Ramsay's show Kitchen Nightmares actually titled one of its YouTube clips as "we've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty  l  Kitchen Nightmares" to try and generate more clicks.

Thankfully, ignoring spam calls has become pretty easy with advancing technology, with 99.99% of most people just ending unknown numbers directly to voicemail. Follow up with blocking the number, and your day isn't interrupted much at all.

But if these spam calls start happening during overnight hours? Like I said at the start -- I vote we riot. Or I guess we just silence our phones and hope no one needs us for something important or in an emergency.

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