Facts are facts, there is NOTHING better than authentic Mexican cuisine. I mean, I'd spend my life savings on table side guac -- there's NOTHING like it. And the best part is we have SO many AMAZING authentic Mexican restaurants on the Seacoast!

With news that a brand new Mexican restaurant is going into the building where Barley House was in North Hampton (before they closed in November), I decided to ask Granite Staters who are members of The (un)Official City of Dover, NH page on Facebook what their all-time favorite place to grab Mexican is on the Seacoast.

There were TONS of repeats for almost all of these places. So, without further adieu, check out the 14 favorite Mexican restaurants on the Seacoast according to Granite Staters! (in no particular order)

Best 14 Mexican Restaurants on the Seacoast Picked by Granite Staters

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