Rochester, Long Known for being a Center for the Arts is Outdoing itself


I love living in Rochester.  The vibe of the little town is quaint but progressive.  A bit old New England, a bit modern art.  Main Street has a whole new look thanks to a group of volunteers according to city officials. You can’t help but miss the new addition.


Barriers are Up to Protect Outdoor Diners


Barriers are up to ensure that outdoor dining will continue this year as it did in 2020.  Let’s face it, the concrete barriers are kind of depressing to look at.  Well, a design by Mike Durkee has changed all that.  Amy Regan, of the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, says “We worked with Durkee to create a design that would be colorful, fun and easy for volunteers to fill in.  We are very pleased with the results.  This is exactly the kind of vibrancy we need to attract more people to our downtown shops and restaurants.”


It’s like the Great Outdoors, but on Downtown Main Street


The design is brightly colored blues and greens and looks like mountains in the distance with a beautiful blue sky.  The darker blue at the bottom reminds me of the ocean.  Many thanks to the volunteers from the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts that put paint to the jersey barriers on Main Street.  It cheers up downtown rather than the plain concrete barriers.  It really keeps in line with Rochester’s long history with the arts.  I hope this goes viral and that towns that have set up barriers take a look at the amazing work in Rochester and break out the paintbrushes in their own cities.






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