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Tom Brady tweeted that throwing and catching a ball is still the best way to get some cardio. But the retired-no-longer-retired-ex-Patriot-current-Buccaneer is tossing the ball to our very own Julian Edleman. Julian just retired after spending his entire NFL career, 12 seasons, as a New England Patriot. But Tom's tweet has us all wondering, wait - is he also coming out of retirement to be a BUCCANEER??

I watched this tweet 400 times trying to figure out which one was Edelman. That Tom Brady is tricky. I finally clued in that they are ALL Edleman when I noticed that sly little smirk on Brady's face. Could it happen? Could Julian Edleman really go to Tampa Bay?

This isn't the first time that Edleman would have flirted with joining Tampa Bay. Edleman told CBS News back in 2020 that Tom Brady tried to recruit him to the Buccaneers as soon as he went in 2020. The only other time he thought of leaving the Patriots, was in 2013 when he came close to joining the Giants, but ultimately decided to stick with the Patriots to the end. Thank God. I cannot root for the Giants. Even if one of the greatest players ever was on the team. This is his reply to Brady's tweet. What the heck is this?

I wouldn't have given this a second thought had TOM BRADY not retired then come out of retirement to stay with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tommy, you're breaking our heart here in New England. Don't make us not root for the bearded wonder!

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