The man responsible for an explosive gender reveal party at a Kingston quarry has been charged in connection with the celebration that one neighbor says cracked the foundation of their house.

Kingston police officials said Anthony Spinelli, of Kingston, blew up 80 pounds of Tannerite and blue chalk at the Torromeo Industries quarry in Kingston on April 20 to announce the arrival of a boy.

Spinelli told police that they were at the quarry because they felt it was a safe location to detonate the Tannerite, according to a press release.

Tannerite is explosive and usually sold in a kit form for firearms practice.

An investigation by Kingston police determined there was no additional property damage resulting from the explosion.

Spinelli was charged with disorderly conduct.

A person can be found guilty of disorderly conduct in New Hampshire if they purposely cause a breach of the peace, public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or if they recklessly create a risk thereof by making loud or unreasonable noises in a public place, or make loud or unreasonable noises in a private place which can be heard in a public place or other private places, which noises would disturb a person of average sensibilities.

Spinelli turned himself in to police a few days after the explosion and they said he was cooperative with their investigation.

Police on Monday afternoon did not respond to Seacoast Current's question about whether or not Spinelli had permission to be at the quarry. A person who answered the phone at the quarry said the company had no comment.

Commenters on the Rockingham Alert Facebook page after the explosion reported feeling it in Plaistow, Newton, North Hampton, East Kingston, Newmarket and Merrimac, Hampstead and Atkinson.

"Heard in Newfields. Thought someone was in the driveway and slammed doors hard," Julie Bunker-Wachter wrote.

"In Plaistow... house shook. Felt like a tree hit the house," Melanie Hill wrote.

"I’m also in EK, shook our house, and heard a boom," Sue Maxwell wrote.

According to the Tannerite website the company sells targets used by gun ranges.  One product is a Gender Reveal Target kit called a Boom Box.

Video of its use shows firing at a target which explodes in color when hit. The kit includes supplies and a one-pound target.

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