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If you're into celebrity sightings then you may be in luck because Rick Springfield is stuck.  That's right, instead of being in West Virginia tonight for his next show, Mother Nature decided to keep him in Portland, Maine.

I wonder where he'll grab dinner tonight?  I wonder what hotel he and his band are gracing? Did you know he has an incredible sense of humor?

Rick and his band played The Tupelo Music Hall in Derry, New Hampshire on Thursday night, February 24, just as Mother Nature decided to end our random, spring-like February days and bring back winter.

I  was scrolling through Instagram doing that purging thing with accounts I'm not into following right now when Rick's IG popped up in my feed.  And no, of course Rick's IG wasn't on my unfollow list.

Fans, of course, took to the comments:

These things happen, most important thing is you stay safe!  But TBH if a hippopotamus sneezes in the area it'll stop the USPS

They even discussed eating spots.  I know he enjoys seafood because I saw him in Beaver Creek, Colorado, (where I slapped his bum and high-fived him as he walked across the tops or our seats), and he rented out an entire sushi restaurant after his concert

Go eat lobster. Many great seafood restaurants in Portland. Also great steamers, chowder, fried clams, etc

Other fans pointed out they have guestrooms:

OMG you can stay at my house

Rick and his band head to Huntington, New York tomorrow on Long Island before heading to the Pacific Northwest and the weather is looking just fine.

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