Although the cause of the early morning fire at an apartment building in Dover is still under investigation, people can hear the sounds of the emergency dispatchers masterfully handle the situation.

On June 25, firefighters were called to 28 Hill Street just after 1 a.m. When they arrived, flames were shooting out of the roof and smoke was billowing out the windows on the second and third floors.

People were still inside the building.

This 15-minute YouTube video has all of the highlights of the scanner traffic that early morning.

At about 1:50 minutes in, a first responder can be heard saying, "We have fire through the roof."

At about 2:55 minutes into the video, a first responder says, "We have multiple people in the building. Give us a second alarm."

People can hear the mutual aid crews rushing to the scene. Crews from Dover, Portsmouth, Rollinsford, Newington, Rochester, Newmarket, Lee, Berwick, Maine, and South Berwick, Maine, were on scene.

McGregor Memorial EMS was also there in case there were injuries.

At one point, another rescue crew requests an ambulance for the victim of an overdose.

At about 7:30 minutes, people can hear another request for help and the response that they are all tied up.

At 11:15 minutes, a third alarm was called. It was 1:41 a.m.

Photo by Christine Sieks
Photo by Christine Sieks

On Wednesday, Fire Chief Paul Haas said it may be a while before the cause of the fire is determined. His department was originally handling it but the case was turned over to the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal's Office.

Dover Mayor Bob Carrier lives on Hill Street and said the people who own the building are his neighbors.

Carrier said the first responders did an incredible job getting everyone out in the middle of the night.

"There were five people sleeping in there that night. Thank God they knocked on the doors," Carrier said.

A police officer could be seen knocking on the door of the owner of the building, who lived there as well.

Police often get to these emergency scenes first because they are out and about in the city of Dover.

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