Police have identified the man who was found dead in Northwood last week and some people are speculating that there could be a serial killer on the loose.

A person walking their dog found the man on May 12 laying in a small stream just off a trail in a wooded area near Old Pittsfield Road. Police were called to the scene at about 4 p.m. that day.

On Monday, police officials announced that the next of kin had been notified and that they could release the name of the man.

Barry Valcourt was 43 years old and his last known address was in Durham, Maine.

The manner and cause of death are still under investigation.

When police originally announced the gruesome discovery, there were a number of people who commented on Facebook that there may be more to the case.

Some commenters pointed out that there have been a number of people who were reported as missing and then found dead near bodies of water and in wooded areas.

"How many does that make in NH, ME areas now? Too many," commented Sherry Melia.

Some people speculated there could be a serial killer.

"I can't be the only one who has noticed the pattern, especially the past two years or so. It's enough to make me never step foot out after dark. Everyone seemed to have vanished into thin air. Like they were last seen walking in town or somewhere fairly well populated and they're found months later in the woods, a river, whatever. Makes me want a gun and I've never touched one," Carlista Souza Meeks commented.

Police Chief Glen Drolet said on Tuesday afternoon that there is no threat or risk to the public.

Anyone with information can call Northwood Police Department at 603-942-9101.

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