Mike's Run Across America is back on track after the start was delayed by a car fire that destroyed all his gear.

Michael Wilson, a trainer at Planet Fitness in Portsmouth, is in Day 4 of his 171 day,  3,500 mile run from Santa Monica, California to Newburyport  in support of Lucy's Love Bus, based in Amesbury,  and Max Love Project, two charities he said "support the overall well-being and emotional healing of children with cancer during a painful and terrifying time."

A GoFundMe page created to accept donations exceeded its $5,000 goal to replace a tent, sleeping bag, jogging stroller and other things needed for the run. The company's headquarters in Hampton made a $1,000 donation as did former New Hampshire Gov. Craig Benson who sits on the Planet Fitness board of directors. Benson is also a franchise owner of over a dozen locations in New Jersey.

"Great work, Mike, on behalf of everyone at PFHQ," the company wrote along with its dontation.

In his last report on Friday Wilson ran 34 miles under sunshine and temperatures in the 80s through desert terrain from San Bernadino to Hesperia/Victorville, California. As he pushed the stroller up a mountain trail on a flat tire and deep sand,Wilson wrote on his Facebook page.

"It's been very tough. Oh man. Very slippery sand too. My feet keep coming out from under me " Wilson said in a video and he walked and ran on the trail with the "klop klop" of the flat audible.

"I never expected this to be easy. Things that are truly worth it in life aren't always easy. Just gotta keep pushing," Wilson said between deep breaths.

Wilson's goal is to raise $10 per mile for the 3,500 miles he'll be running across the country, or $35,000. Donations for the run can made at donations.lucyslovebus.org.

The baby stroller Mike Wilson is pushing during his run in Victorsville, California
The baby stroller Mike Wilson is pushing during his run in Victorsville, California (Mike Wilson)

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