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I always think it is so fun when people choose to paint their front door. I remember always driving by one house in Massachusetts just to see the color of its front door. You may be asking, "why would you drive by it multiple times?". Well, that is because this little white house would always change the color of its front door to go with every season or holiday.

Painting your front door can add a lot of character to your house. Since I love walking around and looking at people's front doors, I started to wonder what they actually mean. I have only seen one house (that I mentioned above) that would change the color of its front door multiple times in a year, others usually keep it one color. But, do the colors actually mean something, or does someone just pick their favorite color?

I decided to set out on a mission and came across an article by Window World that help explains the meaning behind the color of your front door. Keep scrolling to find out what the color of your front door (or the future color of it) actually means.

Is your front door...


In early American history, red doors meant that you offered hospitality, where travelers were welcome to spend the night. However, in Scottish history, a red door signified that the mortgage on the house was paid off and in Ireland, a red door was supposed to ward off evil spirits.

If you choose to paint your door red, then you may be someone that enjoys entertaining others.

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Black is always an elegant color and having a black front door (like a "little black dress") looks great on every style of home. The color also attracts “good energy.” We all know that when we wear black it attracts the sun, and that certainly is good energy.

If you are someone that tends to like things that are timeless and classic, then you are most likely going to have a black door.


Orange is a color that is bold and definitely out there but says "refreshing fun."

If you choose an orange door, you may be the life of the party, gregarious, or the anything-but-shy type. 


The color blue includes a broad range of shades that cover many moods and personalities.

For instance, a light blue door indicates a relaxed and casual style, making this color ideal for beachy and coastal homes. Whereas a deep navy blue or dark blue portrays a conservative and well-ordered nature, similar to black. If you choose a bright royal blue door it practically shouts, “Look at me! I’m fun! Let’s play!” 

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Just like an orange door, a sunny yellow front door makes a bold statement. Yellow entry doors are bright and inviting.

Like the sun, yellow doors are bright, warm, and sunny.

If you have a yellow door, then you are most likely upbeat and positive. Choosing a yellow door says you’re an optimist, and your bubbly personality is probably reflected in fun pops of color throughout the interior of your home.


The color green means a lot of things. Green means growth, good luck, wealth, and more. Traditionally, a green front door reflects wealth, health, and safety.

If you enjoy nature and adventure then you may go for a bold green door. A dark green front door may be more appealing if you are a confident individual.


White is probably a safe choice when choosing the color of your front door, but it also resembles a fresh, clean, airy feeling.

Usually, when you think of the color white, you think of purity and you may be someone that likes to keep things well organized and tidy.

Lea via Unsplash
Lea via Unsplash


Purple is the color of royalty, however, the shade of purple that you choose makes a big difference in where you stand in the royal family.

A lavender front door says you’re sophisticated. A stronger shade such as violet might suggest you’re a bit of a risk-taker. And a deep, darker-colored purple simply says “rich.”

You may not be wealthy (or actually royalty), but you have expensive taste, and you don’t mind letting people know it by the color of your door.


Turquoise symbolizes trust and calmness in when it comes to Feng Shui design.

You may choose to have a turquoise door if you’re emotionally balanced, have a hopeful nature, and believe anything is possible.


If you are looking for something a bit more earthy or rustic, then you may choose to have a natural wood door.

If you have a wood front door, your personality may be described as level-headed, practical, and down-to-earth. You most likely appreciate the artistry of nature and the intricate detail of woodgrain.

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Getty Images

All in all, there are many colors that you can choose for your door. Does your door match your personality?

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