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Thousands upon thousands of people stream into Salem, Massachusetts each year with morbid curiosity on their mind. The Salem Witch Trials remain one of the most fascinating events in human history. The Salem Witch Museum has captivated visitors with its detailing of those events, including an entire exhibit on torture. In the Fall, Salem will be home to New England's first museum entirely dedicated to torture and it won't be for the faint of heart.

Instagram via Salem Museum of Torture
Instagram via Salem Museum of Torture

Detailed on Instagram, the Salem Museum of Torture will take visitors through an uncomfortable yet immersive tour of the methods behind cruel and unusual punishment. On display will be some of tools used to inflict unspeakable pain on individuals that were considered criminals, insane and of course, those believed to be practicing witchcraft.

For added bone chilling effect, the museum will be located "underground", allowing visitors to leisurely stroll through the dimly lit hallways fully absorbing each new and slightly more heinous torture device they stumble upon.

Throughout the museum will be some of most unthinkable torture devices. There will be several life-sized displays, allowing every visitor to imagine their own pain. Several replicas as well as original torture instruments will also be viewable for the truly macabre.

The address of the new attraction is not currently listed on their Instagram page. The Salem Museum of Torture promises more detailed information including a grand opening date and pricing as they get closer to the Fall. The plan is for the Salem Museum of Torture to be a year-round attraction.


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