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Every December, Juston McKinney performs his "Year in Review" show at the Portsmouth Music Hall. Though this year was filled with heartbreak and disappointment, there are things about it we can totally laugh at (because if we don't, we'll cry).

I can only imagine the content that Juston has curated about 2020. I'm sure he touches upon everything from homeschooling his two boys and toilet paper shortages to awkward mask encounters and everything in between.

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Juston didn't want to nix the tradition of performing at the Portsmouth Music Hall so as a solution he held five socially distant shows last weekend. Many people asked him there was a way they could stream the show online, and in 2020 we learned that you can do just about anything virtually so the answer is YES!

Juston's "Good Riddance 2020 Year in Review" show is available for purchase here for $14.70. You can watch his show from the comfort of your couch on your smart TV, computer or any device with a web browser. Watch the show between 4 p.m. on New Year's Eve until 4 p.m. on January 4.

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