Newfields Elementary is one of four polling locations identified by New Hampshire officials to have potential COVID-19 community exposure on Election Day, the state revealed in a press conference on Thursday.

Gov. Chris Sununu, a Newfields resident himself who voted at that location on Election Day, said the potential exposure occurred around 12:30 p.m. that day. Sununu said he voted early that morning and was not in contact with the infected individual.

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The potential community exposure at Newfields Elementary is the only such exposure at a polling location identified on the Seacoast, but the state added that all folks who voted at a polling location should be monitoring themselves for symptoms.

The other three polling locations identified as having potential community spread were Pembroke Academy, Souhegan High School and Belmont High School. All exposures were identified on the basis of an individual, having tested positive for COVID-19, attesting to being in line at one of the locations and not being able to effectively distance themselves from others.

New Hampshire announced 323 new coronavirus cases on Thursday as well as 2,528 people with active infections to go along with an average of 240 new infections per day over the last week.

Sununu said the state is anticipating those numbers going even higher.

"We have 350 cases today," Sununu said during his press conference. "If you ask me where we are going to be in two weeks, I think we're over 1,000. I think that's it, and we're preparing for that.

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