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The thing about emergencies is that you can't plan them! You can only hope that if/when you find yourself in a situation where your health or safety is compromised, you will be in the company of some fast-acting folks! The people that are able to think quickly and critically in a stressful situation are, in my opinion, the most impressive breed of human.

Donna Salimbene-Travis found herself in the company of some amazing people on a Southwest flight recently. If those particular people weren't on that particular flight, she might not be at home in New Hampshire with her husband today. Let me back up.

On Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022, Donna and her husband James were getting ready to fly home on a Southwest flight from Baltimore, Maryland. James started having breathing problems which then led to a full blown heart attack. There was a young lady who told Donna she was a Nurse Practitioner, and she was going to do chest compressions. At this point, James was laying in the aisle. A man (who wore a camouflage-patterned face mask) called for the defibrillator and proceeded to try and save Donna's husband twice.

Thank god the plane had not taken off yet and EMTs were able to come on board. They were raced to the University of Maryland Medical Center where they stayed for 18 days. James had open heart surgery and a quadruple bypass, plus a pacemaker. They were able to return to New Hampshire on January 27, 2022.

Now that they are home and James is healing, Donna has had time to process the traumatic event. Had it not been for the Nurse Practitioner and Mystery Camo Face Mask Guy, the ending of this story would be a tragedy.
Donna posted in the u local New Hampshire Facebook page in hopes that it might find its way to the two people who played such a huge role in saving James' life.
Donna said:
"There really aren’t enough words to thank someone for saving a life, but truly, if it weren’t for you….he would not be here in New Hampshire with me."
Let's help Donna find her heroes so she can thank them in person. If you know anyone who was traveling from Baltimore to New Hampshire on January 9th, 2022, send this article their way!

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