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It's open. It's officially open.

On April 13, 2022, North Country Hard Cider announced that they are growing and going to Dover, New Hampshire. They had been in their first production site in Rollinsford, New Hampshire for eight years.

But not anymore.

As of Saturday, June 25, the new location for North Country Hard Cider, located at 38 Littleworth Rd. Dover, NH 03820, is officially operating and pouring.

What can you expect at the new Cidery in the Garrison City?

According to Co-Founder Silas Gordon, the new space in Dover has a whole new vibe. The space is overall bigger, which allows for DOUBLE the draft lines according to Gordon. And who doesn't like more options?

I mean, look at this finish work...the place looks incredible.

And clearly there are a lot of draft lines and tons of options.

Speaking of options, if you check out the North Country Hard Cider website, you will see they have over 20 choices of ciders, from specialties and canned to originals and bottled. It's no wonder that they wanted to upgrade into a larger space. Having double the ciders on tap is any craft cider-drinker's dream.

Never had North Country Cider? They make "an all-natural craft cider; one that maintains and highlights the intricate flavors of the apples we use," according to their website. "Our ciders are neither traditionally dry nor extra-sweet. Instead, our ciders are slightly sweet, with a touch of tartness, a complex flavor profile, and incredible drinkability. We use only apples and yeast and do not add sulfites, preservatives, or additives."

The new location in Dover provides free parking and more outdoor seating, according to Gordon. They also plan on bringing in local Food Trucks to add a fun food element to the New North Country Hard Cider spot.

If you have not had any, head to the Dover location to try a pour, because the Rollinsford location is officially closed.

Congrats to North Country Hard Cider, I will be in soon myself.

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