Motorists were thrilled to see crew members paving the road in front of Red's Shoe Barn on Broadway in Dover on Friday morning, but that project came to a screeching halt when a water main broke.

Officials from the city announced on Friday afternoon that the area was closed to traffic as workers tried to identify and fix the problem.

Community Services Director John Storer said he suspects the weight of the heavy equipment may have had something to do with it. The water main was fixed and water was restored to the area, but the paving won't be completed until Monday.

Photo by Kimberley Haas

Storer said he understands people are frustrated with the project, which costs a total of $8 million and involves installing an 84-inch drainage pipe under the railroad to rectify long-standing flooding issues.

"I realize people have fatigue with this project, but I try to explain the magnitude of the project," Storer said.

According to city officials, the new drain replaces an old, underutilized, partially blocked granite box culvert installed in the 1800s when the railroad was built.

Photo by Kimberley Haas

As part of the project, new drain piping is also being installed on Broadway to connect to the new 84-inch drainage pipe.

The new drainage lines will be tied into an existing granite box culvert located in the ravine at the end of Forest Street, according to city officials.

The entire project should be completed this summer.

Photo by Kimberley Haas

Broadway from Pierce Street to Ham Street will be closed on Monday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. for paving.

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