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This entire article could mean absolutely nothing after tonight. So there's that.

Adam Sandler Tour

For the first time in forever, Adam Sandler is hitting the road on tour for "Adam Sandler Live," which kicks off tonight, Thursday, October 20, in Connecticut at Mohegan Sun Arena. Don't bother trying to get tickets -- it's been sold out for a while.

Adam Sandler's Surprise Guest

Other than what his show will feature (odds are it'll be a mix of music and comedy, since that's exactly what Adam's seven albums released between 1993 and 2019 have featured), the most intriguing part of "Adam Sandler Live" is this tease of a surprise guest.

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There's not a lot known about this surprise guest. Will it be a fellow comedian? Will it be a singer? Will it be a Hollywood A-Lister? Will the surprise guest change from city to city based on location?

Again, a lot of questions could be answered tonight when Adam kicks off his tour at Mohegan Sun Arena. For all we know, another flyer/social media graphic could be released after his Mohegan show tonight that replaces "With Surprise Guest" to the actual name of someone.

But a huge clue as to who the surprise guest actually depends on that social media graphic. If it stays the same, the surprise may change from city to city. If a new graphic rolls out tonight after the show, though, we'll know the only payoff to the surprise will be tonight at Mohegan.

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Adam Sandler in NH and Boston

It'll also be interesting to see how the surprise guest situation is handled this weekend since Adam is scheduled to perform this Saturday in Manchester at SNHU Arena (sold out), this Sunday in Boston at MGM Music Hall at Fenway (sold out), and again at the same venue in Boston on Monday night (still on sale.)

Since Manchester and Boston are about an hour apart, will they share the same surprise guest? Better yet, will the same surprise guest show up for both shows in Boston, or will they switch?

We'll find out a lot more over the next few days, but until then...

Predicting Adam Sandler's Surprise Guest This Weekend in Manchester, Boston

It could literally be anyone.

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