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Ever walked into a smell that just took you back in time somewhere? Well, food can also be a time machine. I feel that everyone has one food that when they taste it again the food immediately sends them back to another time and place in their life.

I will never forget the taste of summer camp, with ice pops (specifically the pink, always the pink one) and Little Hug Fruit Barrels (the overly sugary fruit drinks that came in the little plastic barrels). Of course, there are other foods that can send me back to my summer camp days, like square frozen pizza, but nothing brings me back like those two snacks.

Whether it takes you back to a family-cooked meal, summer camp, or grandma's house, there are so many good memories that can be remembered through food.

The best part about it is that some of the food that brings back your childhood memories can still be enjoyed today. Simple things like brown bread in a can may still be enjoyed today, but may also bring back some memories from when you were younger cooking with your family, and you were finally given the responsibility to use a can opener for the first time to prepare the bread for dinner.

Keep scrolling to check out 10 foods that may be able to send you back in time to your childhood in New England. If I missed anything, let me know what foods bring good memories in New England back to you.

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