Doubt me?  It’s true

Did you know the most interesting man in the world lives with his wife, Barbara, in New England?

Turns out, according to, they live in Manchester, Vermont!

By “Most Interesting Man in the World” I am referring to actor Jonathan Goldsmith who played him for years in the Dos Equis commercials.  He is hands down my favorite actor in a commercial EVER.  He played the role so convincingly, I really thought he was a real guy.

He is a real person, a long-time Hollywood character actor will more than 200 movie credits to his name.  He was just never a leading man.

He has had and continues to have a most interesting life.

How he is Enjoying life Now

Hard to believe that Goldsmith was cast in the Dos Equis commercials as the “most interesting man in the world” character at the age of almost 70, according to, as he had pretty much given up acting by then before being drawn back after suffering some losses in business that he says were the fault of having a bad business partner.

Per the bestlife article, he said he left acting because he was "tired of being told I wasn’t tall enough, short enough, too swarthy, too good-looking, I said ‘Bull**. I’m going to determine my worth."

But when an agent sent him a casting call, he responded.

He Married that Agent

The agent that sent him to that casting call for the most interesting man must have been very impressed with Goldsmith.

Turns out she really did think he had the right stuff and they got married, according to

Goldsmith told the publication that he based the character on actor Fernando Lamas, who he says was an excellent swordsman, horse rider, amateur boxer, and famous south American actor.  He also says he thinks Lamas was quite a ladies’ man.

Whatever the combination, he nailed the role and played him in dozens of commercials from 2007 to 2015.

They tried to replace him, but the new actor just didn’t catch on.

So, if you are in Manchester, Vermont, and pass a man who appears very interesting, it might just be the most interesting man in the world. His tv commercials were the best!

Time for a Dos Equis.

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