A 62-year-old Seabrook man who allegedly drugged a 12-year-old child before trying to overtake them sexually has been indicted by a grand jury at Rockingham County Superior Court in Brentwood.

Joseph David Pullen allegedly gave the child Temazepam before removing their sweatpants and getting on top of them. At the time, Pullen was in only his underwear, according to court documents.

Temazepam is used to treat insomnia and helps people who are prescribed it fall asleep faster.

Pullen is charged with attempted aggravated felonious sexual assault for those alleged actions.

Pullen is also being charged with two counts of felonious sexual assault as well as indecent exposure and lewdness in connection to the incident which is alleged to have occurred on Feb. 26.

Pullen is reported to have touched the 12-year-old child inappropriately and exposed his genitals to them while inside his bedroom. Pullen has an apartment located at 44 Lower New Zealand Road, according to court paperwork.

Pullen was scheduled for an arraignment and bail hearing on Tuesday afternoon.

If you or your child is the victim of domestic or sexual assault, there is help. HAVEN has offices in Portsmouth, Epping and Rochester. You can call their 24-hour confidential support line at 1-603-994-SAFE (7233).

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