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Have you ever been driving along and you drive by a street with a ridiculous name and you can't help but giggle? I always wonder, whose job is it to name streets?

I swear that some streets are named after inside jokes that people had with their friends. But people have to live on these streets with silly names, poor unfortunate souls!

New Hampshire has to have some of the strangest street names I have ever heard. It was hard to narrow the list but here are my picks  (in no particular order):

Happy Hooker Lane, Salem NH

Well, as long as she's happy.

Ta Da Dump Rd, Holderness NH

Kathy Eisemann via Facebook
Kathy Eisemann via Facebook

Kid: "Mom, where are we going?!" Mom: TA DA DUMP!

Tumbledown Dick Rd, Brookfield NH

I actually have no words for this one

Electric Ave, Penacook NH

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

Electric Ave on it's own is not ridiculous but the fact that it has a no outlet sign directly underneath it is irony at it's finest.

Bloody Point Rd, Newington NH

That is just violent.

Helter Skelter Rd, Littleton NH

Yup, that's just silly.

Lois Lane, Merrimack NH

Superman Street must be nearby!

Frying Pan Lane, Stratham NH

That one always made me giggle as a kid.

Sesame Street, Raymond NH


Elmo and Big Bird live close by.

Dirt Rd, Merrimack NH

That street is straight out of a country song!

Am I missing any? Feel free to drop your submission in the comments.

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