A Burger King in Straham suffered extensive damage after it caught fire on Friday.

Stratham Deputy Fire Chief Josh Crow said "extensive damage" was done to the building as a result of a structure fire that burned through the kitchen of the Burger King and traveled through the roof system before responding fire crews extinguished the flames.

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Crow said a passerby called in to report unusual smoke protruding from the roof of the Burger King and the Stratham Fire Department called in the first and only alarm around 12:30 p.m. Eventually, Stratham was assisted by other Seacoast municipalities including Hampton, North Hampton, Hampton Falls, Durham, Lee, Exeter, Greenland, Kingston, Newfields and Newmarket, among others.

Images shared by the Hampton Fire Department showed firefighters breaking through the side of the roof to battle the flames inside. After crews battled the blaze for approximately three hours, Crow said there was extensive smoke and water damage to both the inside and outside of the building.

Crow also said that employees self-evacuated the building and no injuries were reported. The Burger King was open for drive-thru service only due to the coronavirus pandemic, so no customers were inside the building.

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