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This is all up for debate of course. But when I think of Red Sox Opening Days throughout the past 40 years, these are the 5 that first come to mind.

The 5 Most Memorable Red Sox Opening Days

In true Boston Red Sox form, not all of these games ended in victory. What I love about being a Red Sox fan is that we win big, and we lose even bigger. Their record in these contests is a combined 3-2.

The only one that I specifically remember as a win was the incredible 7 run rally against Seattle in 1998. I remember I had four co-workers at the time that went to the game, and sure enough, after the bottom of the eighth, they left!

The pace of that game was brutal and the Sox were giving no indication that they were even mildly competitive that day.

Of course, to misquote Yogi Berra, 'It isn't over, til it's over' and the rest is history. For what it's worth, my buddies did beat the traffic that day.

On the subject of Bill Buckner, 2008 wasn't the first time the fans of Fenway roared in approval of his presence on Opening Day. After leaving Boston in 1987, he returned three years later to Spring Training in 1990 and made the team!

The reaction to his introduction at Fenway's Opening Day that year was just as boisterous as in 2008, if not more.

Buckner passed away in 2019 and many tv stations played the crowd reaction to him in 2008, but they never mentioned 1990!

The Red Sox really have their work cut out for them if they're going to outdo any of these Opening Day memories today. But they could!


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