A solemn and powerful tribute stands in Portsmouth, NH, in honor of those lost on that horrific day.

It's a 1,100-pound piece of steel beam from the World Trade Center available for public viewing outside of the Portsmouth Police Station.

3 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth NH

In the parking lot facing South Mill Pond, the seemingly nondescript half-ton beam speaks volumes and is mounted on two posts at an upward angle.

As everyone who lived through that day will tell you, their memories of it all as if it happened a few days ago.

For me, the City of Portsmouth will always and forever be the setting for those indelible recollections.

I was one of 20 or so co-workers packed in the newsroom of the radio station I was working at that time, as the horrors unfolded on a small TV.

Around quarter to 10 a.m., they announced that The Pentagon had been hit.

It was at that point that I decided I needed to get outside. I wasn't retreating in fear, but I had seen enough of the horror and needed to walk around a bit to try to absorb the enormity of what was happening.

As I walked from Lafayette Road down into the Middle Street neighborhood, it occurred to me that there was literally no traffic. As I took a right onto Wibird Street, it was eerie how clearly the TV news could be heard emanating from each house in that neighborhood.

There was no getting away from it, and no amount of time will ever pass that will make me fully absorb what happened that day.

It was such a beautiful day outside and yet, it was the worst day that's ever been.

The next day I returned, and many porches in that same neighborhood were decked out with American flags.

On September 11, 2015, that steel beam from the Twin Towers was dedicated there at the Junkins Avenue location, not all that far from where I walked twenty years ago.

And tomorrow, another ceremony will be at the Junkins Ave location, at 8:46 a.m., exactly 20 years later, to honor the fallen heroes and victims.

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