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Maine used to be a hidden gem tucked away up north where everyone assumed we didn’t know our “R’s”, barely had electricity, and moose hung around in our backyards.

Our state is now more than just a summer vacation land and people are coming in flocks to move in, settle down, and enjoy all this state has to offer.

With this influx comes a rise in home prices and I’m afraid prices are just going to keep soaring.

I recently moved back home after a few years living in Miami and I was shocked to return and find rent prices similar, if not even worse, than the large bustling metropolitan I had just left behind down south.

So, can you even get a bigger bang for your buck here in Maine versus Miami? And can your penny get you further here than in the neighboring Massachusetts?

Let’s pretend you have $2 million sitting in your pocket and you’re on the market for a new place to live. These are the homes you would be able to afford in Maine, Massachusetts, and Miami with your sum of cash… Let’s see how much they differ.

What $2M Can Afford You in Maine, Mass, and Miami

Let's pretend you have $2 million sitting in your pocket and you're on the market for a new home. What could you afford in Maine, Massachusetts and Miami with your sum of cash? Here are some options... Let's see how they differ.

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