I can handle a toilet paper shortage.  There's always tissues that I have squirreled away for a few decades from all the funerals I've had to attend.  I can also handle a paper towel shortage.  We never bought paper towels when I was a kid because we used regular towels and washed them.  Paper towels that you threw out was just an extravagance that we couldn't afford growing up.  This shortage though... I'm not happy about and don't know what to do.  According to Foxnews.com, there may soon be a shortage of... Bubble Tea.

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is basically tea with milk and tapioca balls on the bottom.  When you drink it, not only do you get the refreshing taste of delicious tea, but you also get a chunk of yummy, ball-y, gummy-like tapioca.  These yummy balls are about the size of a large pea.  I'm all about making your food and drink fun and this is one of the most fun drinks out there.

Why is there a shortage?

There is not much information in the article, however, it does say that there are "shipping delays" that seem to be the problem.  The tapioca starch that boba is made out of will be in big demand, especially in the Summer.

Where Can I get my boba tea before it runs out?

Turns out, there are so many places around the Seacoast for you to get your Bubble tea:

White Heron Tea in Portsmouth 

Jen Ju Boba Tea in Newburyport


Tea Totaller Tea House in Somersworth, NH.

I have to say, this video from Tea Totaller looks super professional!  Not that we here in NH can't do things that look professional but man, this looks as good as a Dunkin' commercial that you see on TV!  You can have your boba delivered right to your door.  Just check out the video below for more info.

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