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Depending on how you look at it, either one of the coolest life experiences or the most annoying happened to passengers on the MBTA's Green Line late Monday night.

The Green Line was suspended just before midnight

According to NBC10 Boston, just after 10pm on Monday night, there was a massive issue with the MBTA's Green Line in Boston. A train that was headed between Arlington and North Station began traveling slower than usual when approaching a stop, coming to a complete stop just before a track switch at the Park Street stop in Boston Common.

A source told NBC10 Boston that at first, there was no apparent cause for the stoppage or mechanical issues, and despite rumors of a derailment, that was also proven false as well. After further investigation, there was an issue with the switch at Park Street.

An Instagram video showed passengers walking inside of the Green Line tunnels

Channel 5 Boston reported that there were seven passengers aboard the green line train when it came to the stop that it did, none of which required any medical attention. However, early yesterday morning, a video was uploaded to the onlyinbos Instagram account showing those passengers having to walk through the tunnels in order to complete their journey to the Park Street stop.

And maybe even feel like an action movie star while navigating the tunnels on foot?

On the one hand, having to walk through tunnels late at night when you just want to get to your destination must be incredibly, insanely annoying. But at the same time, how often can you say that you got the chance to walk through one of the T's tunnels without either getting arrested or, ya know, knicked by a fast-as-a-bullet train? And maybe even feel like an action movie star while navigating the tunnels on foot? Regardless, these passengers can now cross this off their bucket list and hopefully never have to deal with it again.

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