Two units of a townhouse in Hampstead were damaged by a grill fire on Tuesday night in the 90-plus degree heat that overcame two firefighters.

Firefighters were called to the four-unit building at 73 Norfolk Street around 5 p.m. and sounded a second alarm when the fire extended into the attic area and went through the roof, according to Hampstead Fire Chief Michael Carrier.

The residents of the middle two units safely made it out, Carrier said.

The heat and humidity led to a third alarm being called to bring relief for firefighters from the heat index in the 90s. Two firefighters were hospitalized and released because of the heat.

"That kind of heat and humidity takes a significant toll on the body with the weight from their protective clothing and equipment they need to carry. The third alarm was a means to rotate the firefighters in and out of the building so we give them the ability to kind of cool down and hydrate and go back in," Carrier told Seacoast Current.

The chief also thanked those who brought water and snacks to firefighters.

A grill also caused a fire that left a house uninhabitable on Walnut Avenue in Hampton. Hampton Fire Chief Michael McMahon said at the time that grills are not allowed on decks in multi-family dwellings.

Fire at a townhouse on Norfolk Street in Hampstead
Fire at a townhouse on Norfolk Street in Hampstead (Jon Worthen)

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