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Each year, we see videos of homes with an extravagant Christmas light display think one of two things: “How did they do that??” and “Man, I’m glad I don’t live across the street.”

Okay, maybe both. But in the case of one house in New Hampshire, it’s for a good cause. After a two-year break, it’s back and providing glimpses of light, both literally and figuratively.

The residents of 3 King Edward Drive in Londonderry have put on extravagant light shows to raise money for the New Hampshire Make-A-Wish Foundation.

According to the site’s Facebook page, they have been working for six years to raise donations totaling $14,000.

This year’s is a dazzling display of Christmas colors, as captured by drone.

So just how do these generous homeowners raise money?

At the end of the house’s driveway, there is a sign sharing a code onlookers can text to donate to Make-A-Wish, along with a QR code for people to make a quick donation with their smartphone device.

“If you feel so inclined to give this Christmas season, every penny donated at our display helps bring a smile to children’s faces,” reads a statement on Facebook. “We have a collection bucket at the edge of our driveway or you can text a donation using the code below. Thank you!!!”

And this coming Sunday, Santa himself will visit 3 King Edward, complete with an official escort from the Londonderry Police Department.

Pictures of Santa, along with cookies, will be provided to families who attend.

For more information, visit 3 King Edward's official Make-a-Wish page.

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