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"Want to start with an espresso?"

This is the sentence that comes out of my mouth pretty much every time I go out.

Honestly, is there a better way to start a girls' day, a guy's day, a friend's day, or a date night? No way.

My wife and I love grabbing espressos prior to just about anything: a date, a game night, a sporting event, and so on.

Unlike wine, beer, or other cocktails, there is no sleeping option after one or two espresso martinis. The vodka loosens you up while the espresso keeps you prepared for whatever is about to come your way that night.

Espresso martinis are always my first drink of choice during an evening out. They get the night started with an easy-drinking sweet treat that will get the blood flowing.

My one stipulation? The espresso martini MUST come with real espresso. I HATE when a place identifies an espresso martini, and it is only made with espresso-flavored vodka.

No, no. I need the caffeine.

Being in Portsmouth, my go-to espresso location is the Wilder, where they have espresso martinis on tap. Yes, on tap.

But I like to branch out, and I want to try others. Some espresso martinis are done RIGHT. Whether that means it is dark, creamy, on the rocks, straight, with chocolate sauce, etc., is completely up to the drinker.

In my search for the best espresso martinis in New Hampshire, I found many options.

Below are the fan favorites in New Hampshire for the best place to get an espresso martini.


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Below are the best 14 places to get an espresso martini in New Hampshire.

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