There are a few viral videos that will never get old. Kids learning to talk and accidentally swearing, people falling (without serious injury), cat videos, and reunions between service members and their loved ones.

It is an incredible sacrifice to be a military spouse. You are faced with the reality of not seeing your loved one for months at a time if not longer. Not being able to reach out. Not knowing if they're ok. That emotional strain always in the back of the mind while trying to maintain a regular life; working, maybe parenting, household duties. It's anything but easy

Nothing beats the moment of seeing that loved one return home. York Maine Police Department shared one of these moments on their Facebook page and you'll want to grab your tissues.

Jamie Legendre works for the department as an administrative assistant and had no idea her husband, Staff Sergeant Jason Legendre would be walking through the doors after being deployed for the last year.

Jamie is seen sprinting into his arms in a moment of pure bliss.

Staff Sergeant Jason Legendre, thank you for your service. You two crazy kids deserve all the happiness!

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