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Not going to lie to you, when I hear the word "rat" two things come to mind... the movie "Willard" and Chuck E. Cheese.

Most people think of rats as dirty creatures, and god forbid you see one in a restaurant, you will probably never eat there again. In all actuality, rats are clean animals... I know it is hard to believe.

Now, if you are someone that thinks of rats as dirty creatures, then you will not enjoy what happened in Barnstead, New Hampshire. Imagine how you would act if you saw one rat, now multiply that by 30.

That's right, 30 rats!

The Barnstead Police Department took to Facebook and posted a video showing rats running around on Province Road.

Barnstead Police stated that in the 700 block investigation they found around 30 domesticated hooded rats. Police believe that someone got rid of several bags all which contained rats in the area.

Luckily, the Barnstead Police contacted NHSPCA who is planning to attempt to capture all the rats that are on the loose.

Honestly, if you see a rat, just report it. Especially if it is one of these innocent rats that was set free, which by the way is actually considered animal cruelty under NH Law.

If by any chance that you know who may be responsible for setting these rats loose, Barnstead Police asks that you rat out the person (yes, pun intended) and call them at (603) 305-5378.

Hopefully these rats will all be found and eventually find a forever home.

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