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Can you imagine moving to New England, more specifically New Hampshire, in the dead of winter?

Nope. Me neither. That would be a horrible scene.

Well, life happens, and so do moves. Sometimes moving is inevitable.

You move for a new job, because you are in a military family, or because there was a death in the family. For whatever reason, sometimes people need to move in a pinch or on the spot.

Now, us New Englanders are used to our weather. We are well aware that the pretty snow flurries up in North Conway can very quickly turn into rain, sleet, and the nastiest snowstorm you can imagine. But, out-of-staters don't know what they're getting into when moving to New England during the winter.

I have a friend, Bradley, who is from California. He moved to New Hampshire in the fall, so he was able to adjust to winter slowly; however, even moving to New England in the fall does not fully prepare you for the winters ahead.

Googling what a "nor'easter" is doesn't prepare you for your first New England snowstorm. Also, seeing pictures of what downtown Dover, Keene, and Portsmouth look like after a beautiful snowstorm is not an accurate depiction.

I polled the people of New Hampshire to find out their suggestions. What would you say to someone from out-of-state who's moving to New Hampshire just before winter?

Here's what they said, and no, I didn't include those who said "don't do it."

Wise Words for Out-of-Staters Moving to New Hampshire This Winter

What would you say to out-of-staters moving to New Hampshire during or before the winter?

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