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After fed-up commuters, endless delays, and subway fires couldn’t do it, perhaps thousands of angry Taylor Swift fans would motivate the MBTA.

Swift is set to perform three shows this coming weekend at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, arguably the biggest local music event of the year and one for which people booked hotel rooms near the stadium.

They were smart, it turns out, as an accident beneath a bridge along the Foxboro commuter line knocked out all direct service from Boston to the House That Kraft Built.

According to WHDH, a truck collided with a bridge in Dedham, after which the MBTA released the following tweet:

The MBTA's impressive emoji game didn’t deter Swifties on Twitter. Responding to one fan who asked about possible interference with the concerts, the MBTA tweeted:

At the moment, the shuttle bus connection from Walpole to Foxboro will be for this evening. We will communicate any changes to service as needed to passengers...

That didn’t cut it. Said one user:

Better get it up and running by this weekend, lest ye want to incur the wrath of a swarm of angry Swifties...

Added another:

Better have it ready by Friday. Otherwise you will feel the wrath of an army of #Swifties

Then, low and behold just a few hours later, the MBTA responded to another fan’s concerns by saying:

We expect regular train service to resume tomorrow and no impact to the concert trains this weekend.

So, there you go. All it takes to miss the T is the mere presence of Taylor Swift.

For updates, follow the MBTA on Twitter here.

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