The US Coast Guard recovered three unresponsive bodies from the water near an overturned boat found northeast of Cape Ann Thursday afternoon.

The discovery happened during the search for a 17 foot fishing vessel that left Hampton Harbor Wednesday headed for Jeffreys Ledge but never returned. The Coast Guard is trying to recover one additional body.

The Coast Guard began identified the owner of the boat as Michael Sai.

"We're going to now concentrate our search efforts with the air and surface assets, looking for either debris from the vessel that overturned, or people from the vessel that overturned," U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Amy Florentino told CBS Boston.

Boat that went missing after leaving Hampton Harbor 4/19/23
Boat that went missing after leaving Hampton Harbor 4/19/23 (US Coast Guard Sector Northern New England)

Several fisherman who saw Sai and his crew heading out told CBS Boston  conditons were very rough and didn't think that a boat that size should be making the trip to Jeffreys Ledge.

Florentino said the ocean temp was 44 degrees where the bodies were found. Hypothermia can quickly set in at that cold temperature for anyone immersed in the water.

A person could lose dexterity within minutes and be unable to accomplish simple tasks.

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