City of lights NHMS FB
City of lights NHMS FB

Nothing Says Christmas Like a Fantastic Light Show

The 11th Annual “Gift of Lights” kicked off the holiday season on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 25, according to its website.

If you have never been to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway’s Gift of Lights, you must go this year.  It is a complete drive-through event spectacular that can’t be missed.  

My favorite part of Christmas was driving the kids around different neighborhoods to see the many different light displays, but the one at New Hampshire Motor Speedway will blow all that away.

What to See

Light Artists have put in more than 650 hours creating a light display that features over 3.5 million lights, according to the Gift of Lights website.

Can you imagine the electric bill for those lights!  SO much work is involved in putting different scenes together for the viewers.

There are tons of different themed displays and 80 scenes to view.

The Gift of Lights is a drive-through experience, so you don’t have to worry about COVID-19 safety protocols if you stay in your car.  You can also stay warm that way.

I love S’mores

If you take the trip up to New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the Gift of Lights show, you can also toast your own marshmallows over an open fire or make s’mores if you want to brave the cold weather, according to the Gift of Lights website.

The “Gift of Lights” will be open every day until January 2.  The event starts at 4:30 pm every evening because it's best experienced in total darkness.  It is an experience that is perfect for families, and one the kids are sure to remember.

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