The burglars who broke into over 30 vehicles in Hampton and stole at least one Thursday night and Friday morning may be part of a group working throughout New England.

More residents in the areas of Mace Road, Milbern Avenue, Vanderpool Drive, Blake Lane and Esker Road reported burglaries on Friday after checking their parked but unlocked vehicles and realizing they had also been broken into and items stolen.

A person of interest was identified by Hampton Police via security footage images from a convenience store was released Thursday evening. Hampton Deputy Police Chief Alex Reno warned residents not to approach this individual or any others connected to the burglaries as they may be armed.

"We have reason to believe they may be in possession of weapons. We don't want people to try and apprehend these folks on their own. If they see something suspicious they should just call police," Reno told Seacoast Current.

Reno also advised residents not to leave firearms in their vehicles as well.

Plaistow Police said they have recovered a Ford F150 pickup truck stolen early Wednesday morning and have a suspect in custody after processing the truck for fingerprints and DNA. The suspect went through "numerous" unlocked vehicles between Blossom Road and Sweet Hill Road before stealing the pickup, according to police.

Secuirty video image of suspect in the theft of a Ford F150 pickup truck in Plaistow 11/24/21
Secuirty video image of suspect in the theft of a Ford F150 pickup truck in Plaistow 11/24/21 (Plaistow Police)

Connecting Hampton and Plaistow Burglaries to Others

Reno said they have worked with other area law enforcement on their case.

"We're looking at the possibility it's actually connected to a larger group of similar type of car break-ins and car thefts in the whole New England area," Reno said. "We're working with other law enforcement partners to determine if there's a solid connection."

Maine State Police earlier this week reported an increase in car burglaries across the state especially in York County.

Reno asked anyone with information about the burglaries or home security footage to share to call 603-929-4444.

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