Of course it feels nice to wake up on Christmas morning and see that Santa brought you that Apple Watch you’ve been wanting with all of your heart. But the most magical part about this time of year is GIVING. As they say in the beloved book Tuesdays with Morrie “Giving is Living”.

Truth be told, we should be paying it forward and treating one another with kindness all year round. However, life gets busy and humans are inherently selfish, even the good ones! Therefore the holiday season is a great reminder to catch up on some good deeds if you have been lacking in that department.

On the Facebook group Seacoast Eats, I saw this awesome idea that you could do with your friends or family and it would totally make a restaurant worker’s day, week, or even their year. (yeah, I just sang the Friends theme song while I typed that)

The idea goes by the name “Shock n’ Clause” (the name will make more sense in a moment) and it was shared to the group by a gal named Megan Sharples. Megan said she did this with a group of friends before Covid. Everyone in her group was hugging and crying as they said goodbye and wished their waitresses a Merry Christmas.

So here’s the deal:

You gather a group of 17 friends to go out for breakfast. Everyone brings a $100 bill. The breakfast bill will come out to around $200 (depending on where you go) and all the extra money goes to your server as a tip, around $1,500! That can be a life changing amount of money for someone going through hard times. And in the scheme of life, will you really miss that $100? I don’t think so!

I absolutely love this idea and can’t wait to get a group of friends together and make someone’s day! Thanks for sharing, Megan!

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