Officials in Portsmouth are encouraging people to pick up their dog waste and one of the stars in their new public service announcement is City Attorney Robert Sullivan.

Public Information Officer Stephanie Seacord said on Thursday that the new 90-second video, “Dog Park Debacle,” was produced by Department of Public Works Stormwater and Water Quality GIS Specialist Phoebe Rafferty.

Summer Associate Daniel Okuniewicz helps to deliver the educational message with humor.

Sullivan's dog, Panda, is also featured.

Two years ago, the Water/Stormwater Division of the Portsmouth Department of Public Works introduced “Blue, the Happy Fish” as a mascot for its efforts to educate the public about increasing their water use efficiency and protecting Portsmouth’s water resources.

With 2,572 licensed dogs in Portsmouth, encouraging owners to pick up after their dogs helps to keep pet waste from polluting the environment with extra nitrogen that encourages algae blooms, Seacord said.

More than 71 percent of the land surrounding the watershed is private property.

Landowners can help reduce pollution and adopt more efficient practices for conserving water.

They are encouraged to take care of dog waste on their own land.

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