A Dover man has pleaded guilty in federal court to committing bank fraud and violating his supervised release conditions.

According to prosecutors, Daniel Desrochers, 48, maintained personal checking accounts at two separate banks in New Hampshire.

In July of 2020, Desrochers registered his catering business, Legacy Hospitality, with the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

He then opened a business bank account for Legacy at a third bank.

Prosecutors say from July 27 through September, Desrochers defrauded the banks by engaging in a check-kiting scheme where he would make fraudulent check deposits into the Legacy business account and one of his personal accounts using checks written from the second personal account in amounts that exceeded the amount of money in that account.

This would artificially inflate the available balance in the receiving accounts, and Desrochers would withdraw the fund using ATMs, debit card purchases and other electronic transfers.

In addition to pleading guilty to bank fraud, Desrochers admitted that his actions violated the conditions of his supervised release for a previous felony wire fraud conviction.

"When defendants are placed on supervised release after serving a prison sentence, they have an opportunity to demonstrate that they can comply with the law and become productive members of society,” said Acting United States Attorney John Farley.

Farley said rather than take advantage of this opportunity, Desrochers chose to engage in additional fraudulent crimes.

Desrochers is scheduled to be sentenced in Concord on Aug. 24.

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