The mandatory outdoor watering ban in Dover will remain in effect at least through Labor Day.

City Manager Michael Joyal issued the emergency order restricting nonessential outdoor water use on July 1.

Even though the region had significant amounts of rain last month, Joyal said the precipitation does not automatically recharge the aquifers.

"It takes time for that water to percolate through the ground and get to the aquifer,” Joyal said in a statement.

Under the emergency order, the following outdoor water use restrictions are in place: 

  • No outside lawn watering or irrigation, including automatic sprinklers, automatic irrigation systems, and no unattended lawn watering
  • No washing of vehicles, including automobiles, trailers and trucks
  • No filling of swimming pools greater than 100 gallons

Hand watering of gardens and new plantings is allowed. Commercial car washes, agriculture operations, flower shops and garden centers are not affected by the restrictions at this time.

For more information, contact Community Services at 516-6450.

Contact Managing News Editor Kimberley Haas at

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