The holiday parade season starts Sunday with parades in Dover and Newburyport, with most stepping off the following weekend.

Dover's Holiday Parade makes its return after a two-year hiatus. It was canceled in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in 2021, no group was able to take on the responsibility of producing the parade. Thanks to Lori Nollet of Cochecho Friends and Dover City Councilman Deputy Mayor Dennis Shanahan, the parade is back for 2022.

The theme is "Holiday Countdown to Celebrating our Past, Present, and Future", and the parade is scheduled to steps off at 3 p.m. Nolett said organizing the parade added to her love of the holidays.

"I love everything about the holidays, and this just got me even more excited about them for this year. We had a great group of people who really just gelled nicely together. It was a really great experience and didn’t even seem like work," Nollet told Seacoast Current.

Sunday afternoon's forecast calls for cloudy skies and showers during the parade, with high temperatures in the mid-50s.  Sunset is at 4:10 p.m.

Past Dover Holiday parade
Past Dover Holiday parade (Cochecho Friends)

The Parade Was Missed

Nollet found that a lot of people missed the parade, and showed their appreciation for its return in the form of donations.

"We hit our fundraising budget, which was the part I was most nervous about, but all of our sponsors were fantastic about stepping up, and we even had some donations roll in," Nollet said. Those who are submitting entries in the parade seem equally excited to be back, and I’ve even heard people talking about it at the store."

While Nollet and Shanahan said this year's parade would be similar to those of the past, there will be few new things, including a new logo designed by middle schooler Mya Kageieiry.

"We will have a second Santa helping to kick off the parade with a 'nice' list before he takes off in his sleigh at the end. There will be some first time participants with new businesses out of Dover, a few new dance troupes, and even the Cochecho Valley Roller Derby club," Nollet said.

Lost to history are banners from past parades, which Nollet hope to find. She said new banners purchased from Sundance Signs incorporating Kageieiry's logo will give the parade a fresh look.

Past Dover Holiday parade
Past Dover Holiday parade (Cochecho Friends)

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